client experiences

Kristina (parent)

My almost 2 year old daughter has vision and mobility impairments due to hypoplasia of the corpus callosum and optic nerve hypoplasia. She has loved participating in ABM with Friederike. Since starting ABM, she has become more aware of her body and her environment. She is more apt to laugh and respond to her surroundings with emotion. Her neurologist has even commented on her improved personality, stating positively that, “There is something going on in there!” After her last session with Friederike she kicked out her legs repeatedly for days which was definitely a new activity for her. She will also now reach for toys with both of her hands, and her vision appears to have developed more. Overall, she is making improvements on all levels. The best part of ABM is that she enjoys it. She often laughs when she hears Friederike’s voice, and she is never forced into a movement. It is remarkable therapy that I highly recommend.